Online Roulette

How are roulette and perpetuum mobile connected? Everything is so simple. It appears that in XVII century in attempt to invent perpetuum mobile a French scientist Blaise Pascal invented a wheel which has been brightening up life of passion and risk fans for many years.

Thanks to online casinos such as English Harbour Casino everybody has a possibility to play online roulette game without leaving home. Playing roulette online, you will feel triumph, memorable aura and passion! Playing roulette at EHC you also won’t be afraid to remain bankrupt as this responsible online casino guarantee honesty and financial stability!

EHC is proud to offer its players two different kinds of roulette: American Roulette and European Roulette.

Perhaps, it may seem that the Casino offers not a wide choice of roulettes. However, for those who understands - the American and European variant of roulette are the most preferable. True classics, no matter which way you look at it.

Roulette online at English Harbour Online Casino offers different limits – $1 minimum bet and $100 maximum bet. There are lots of bets accepted in EHC and odds are really great.