Online Craps

Craps is a traditional table game at any land casino you would peep in. Usually players are crowded by the craps tables and exited with the action. When this game moved in online casino, it hasn’t lost its inborn attractiveness and fun. Play craps at EHC and you will feel what we are talking about.

The goal of onlne craps is to guess number which will drop out on dices after they are thrown by the player or the special device. Craps is a game which outcome directly depends on good luck, and also the player’s ability to handle with the dices - therefore, playing craps at English Harbour Casino, you can not only tickle your nerves, but also win the decent sum.

Craps Bets

Complexity of craps is an abundance of bets among which it is easy to get lost, especially for a new player. Craps at English Harbour Casino suggests players to place the following kinds of bets: Pass Line Bet, Don't Pass Bets, Come Bets, Don't Come Bets, Place Bets, Place Bet to Win, Place Bet to Lose, Free Odds Bets, Free Odds after Pass Line Bet, Free Odds after the Don't Pass Line Bet, Free Odds after a Come Bet, Free Odds after a Don't Come Bet, Hard Way Bets, Big 6 Bet, Big 8 Bet, and One Roll Bets.

Would you find such a diversity of online craps bets anywhere else? Nowhere, true. We are waitng you at EHC.